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The 12-Step Selling System To Attract

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The Hard Truth That No Digital Marketing Agency Will Dare To Tell You.

It is crucial for any businesses looking to scale & grow with digital marketing, to publish organic content, articles, update their website constantly, be active on social media, improve their brand awareness and advertise on multiple platforms.

This usually takes time & money hiring talent, learning new skills, managing projects, and testing strategies that can be very profitable one month and stops working the next.
There is a lot of guesswork when people start to market their product and service and usually don’t even know where to start. 
Most business owners and even seasoned marketers go blindfolded testing multiple marketing channels with different strategies and different offers hoping and praying that something will pay off for all of the effort. 
They are leaving the success of their business technically to random chance. 
Without any proper preparation, they jump into they’re market asking complete strangers to buy straight out of the gate and then they wonder why it is not working.
They completely forget all the necessary steps required to turn a cold prospect into a long term relationship. 

Here is the Secret...

What businesses need is a predictable, reliable and measurable system that can be tweaked and optimized on the go, and more importantly it needs to be adaptable to the shifting market conditions. 
They need a selling system that attracts, educates, nurtures and converts complete strangers into high-paying clients in auto-pilot.
How do we know this?
Because, not long ago, we were no different. We didn’t have any proper system to attract or nurture customers. 
To be honest with you, it was an operational nightmare. 
We were spread too thin and on top of that we didn’t have a constant flow of leads, sales or clients, making it very difficult to grow our agency.
But after we discovered this highly forgotten selling system, everything changed. 
With this selling system, we are able to create “cash-producing machines” that keeps working 24/7, bringing leads and customers non-stop.
With that, we were able to create an asset that only needed little-to-no optimization to continue profiting at the same level.
Here at High Tech Core, we specialize in finding new clients for small to medium businesses by developing high-converting sales funnels.
The sales funnels that we develop are the same ones that have been utilized by the top players of the industry for years.
We took the top techniques, frameworks, and strategies from people like Russel Brunson, Alex Hormozi, and Sabri Suby.
Because of its nature, this Sales Funnel is adaptable to almost all traffic channels, such as:
  – Google Ads
  – Facebook Ads
  – LinkedIn Ads
  – Outbound
  – Social Media
  – SEO
  – Email
    You get the point…
In a few words…
We have created a templated lead-getting funnel, for you to simply plug into your business to open the floodgates of traffic and leads from the internet.
And all you have to do is customize a few things, so it’s relevant to your business…
Plug it in..
Turn it on. 
And we take care of the rest.
On top of that, we will ONLY send you high-quality leads from “pipping hot prospects” that are ready ,willing and able to do business with you. 
We are able to do this by using our “secret qualification process”, but more on that later.
Claim your no-obligation strategy session now and get your $989 custom Marketing Strategy Blueprint for Free

Upgrade your business performance...

Have our Team of Marketing Experts analyze your business’s strengths to determine what is the best solution for you. We develop customized strategies for every customer we have, by doing that we can develop the exact path you need to ensure success. Every Business possesses different models, budgets, conditions and circumstances. We make sure to mold our strategy around your needs and goals.

When you work with us, we target a 3:1 ROI on your marketing spend. That’s right. Our goal is to get $3 into your business for every $1 you spend on marketing with absolutely no risk to you. 

For a limited time, we’re offering you a 30-minute strategy session where we’ll discuss your business goals and needs. Then we will develop, on live at the call, a Marketing Strategy Blueprint for you for free. At the end of this call, even if you decide to not move forward, you will get a deep insight in the following things:

  • What do you need in order to grow.
  • Deeper knowledge about your competition.
  • Better Knowledge about your own Business
  • Detailed Service Explanation
  • Live Analysis of your current marketing strategy
Claim your no-obligation strategy session now and get your $989 custom Marketing Strategy Blueprint for Free

Maximize your earning capacity…

These strategies are not restricted to big companies with huge marketing budgets. We have used and tested this powerful selling system to generate sales for businesses of all sizes. It’s an immensely powerful system because of four core reasons:

Quick and Precise: Unlike traditional advertising, which takes months of preparation and a long time to see results, this selling

The system can be ready to go in a few weeks for immediate, traceable results.

Built to Maximize Conversions: The businesses successfully using this system have, in many cases, not spent a single cent more

on their marketing budgets but get a bigger return for the same amount.

Evergreen Strategies: Strategies that worked for decades and will continue to work for a long time to come.

Room for Growth: This selling system works for any business size, from a one-man business all the way up to an enterprise.  Its success isn’t about how much money you throw at it, but how well you do it.


Before we begin, there’s something that needs to be very clear.

This will not be easy. It will take hard work and dedication from YOU. It will require you to believe 100% in your product or service, and it will require you to back that belief with a measurable financial investment to market it to the world.

When deploying this system, you need to have full certainty in your ability to deliver whatever it is that you sell.

Claim your no-obligation strategy session now and get your $989 custom Marketing Strategy Blueprint for Free

Here's Some the Bonus Content  you’ll get at your 100% free consultation:


A 360-degree business model analysis:

Here we will discuss the type of product/service you offer, industry, target audience, market, conditions, goals and much more.


Secret Delivery Framework

Plus we will show you our Secret Delivery Framework to spot growth opportunities in the back-end of your business.


Tips and strategies

Tips and strategies about your current Sales Funnel, where we dive into what’s missing in the selling process. 



Deep Insight into all Types of Traffic Channels.

We will go through our Exclusive Traffic Framework. Know exactly which traffic channels to use depending on your industry, target audience, product nature and goals.

Business Team Creative -min

Deep Market Research Strategy

How to know your customers on a deeper level and uncover the biggest pain in your market.


The Perfect Hook Framework

Discover our Secret Copy-writing Techniques to boost the Pulling Power of your ads and sales message.

Landing Page -min

High-Converting Landing Pages

Learn exactly how to structure your website or landing page to increase conversions and capture your audience in the most effective way.

Lead Magnet Icon-min

Hyper Client Nurturing Pipeline

How to properly warm up your prospects from icecold traffic all the way up to piping hot prospects desperate for what you’re selling. 


Art of Up-sells

Learn How to dramatically increase customer LTV and Total Order Value

Claim your no-obligation strategy session now and get your $989 custom Marketing Strategy Blueprint for Free

Increase The Pulling Power of Almost Any Marketing Campaign

We’ve used and tested this strategy in hundreds of the most competitive markets to outsell and dominate the most ferocious competitors.

We’ve developed a proven and predictable way to get highly-qualified prospects coming to you… ONLY when they’re ready, willing and able to BUY! 

We know a way to dramatically increase the quantity of ‘Hot’ leads that your ads generate… often while working with the same amount of budget, if not less, but getting more on traffic!


Become the APEX Predator of your Market and 2X Your Leads, Sales and Revenue Numbers.


We aim to give you more clients that you can handle, and on top of that,

we want to completely take care of the acquisition process of your business.

Is like hiring your own marketing department that guarantees results through quantitative data, key performance indicators, and statistics.

Instead of going through the hustle, making interviews, providing training and managing employees, you can rather hire a full blown team for a fraction of the price. 

We handle everything prior to the sale, such as landing pages, copywriting, advertisement, lead nurturing, content creation, prospecting and market research. 

That way you can focus on the things that really matter, have more time for yourself & your loved ones, and more importantly, make a bigger impact on the world.

Never stop getting customers.

See you on the other side.

Create a Colossal Down-Pressure for Your Competitors & Conquer The Marketplace

The online marketplace is so fiercely competitive that you must have a solid strategy and a proven system that converts cold traffic into high paying clients at wild scale. 

If you don’t, you’ll end up wasting your money and your competitors will eat you alive.

Let’s discuss how we can help your business grow to the next level.

We want to provide you with the best solution for your business by creating fully customized strategies that fits your goals, budget, needs and circumstances.

Please note this is NOT a sales call. You will be speaking with one of our highly experienced Digital Strategists, not a salesman. 


So, stop thinking it through, go here and book a free consultation with my team.

If it is a fit…

We’ll send you white-hot leads of hyper-active buyers desperate to buy what you have to offer…

Straight to your inbox.

As many as you can handle.

Claim your no-obligation strategy session now and get your $989 custom Marketing Strategy Blueprint for Free

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